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Please note that this is the official upgrade package for your Spotify account, valid for a usage period of 12 months.

Detailed Information:

  • Usage period: 1 year
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Upgrade or extend directly on your official account.
  • Spotify Premium account - enjoy music ad-free and uninterrupted.
  • Supported on platforms: Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android...


Purchasing Instructions and Important Information to Read Carefully:

When making a purchase, please make sure to provide the email for us to contact you, you can also send a message via the live chat inbox on the website. We will contact you and ask about the account you need to upgrade to the 1-Year Spotify Premium plan.

We will contact you WITHIN 5 MINUTES. If you haven't been contacted after 5 minutes, you can send a message through the chatbox on the website. This is an upgrade package for your own primary email account.


Welcome to the limitless world of Spotify Premium's music experience! Immerse yourself in marvelous melodies, explore every emotion with just a gentle touch. Spotify Premium brings you a seamless music listening experience with outstanding quality, uninterrupted by bothersome ads, and the ability to enjoy music offline. Create personal playlists, download your favorite tracks, and savor music anytime, anywhere. Let's embark on a journey of discovering fantastic music with Spotify Premium starting today!


Here are some highlighted features of Spotify Premium:

  • Ad-Free Experience: Premium users enjoy uninterrupted music without any audio or visual advertisements throughout their music enjoyment.
  • Unlimited Music Enjoyment: Users have the ability to listen to any song on Spotify and create personal playlists without limitations on skipping tracks.
  • Offline Music Listening: Through this feature, users can download songs, albums, or playlists to enjoy when offline, ensuring music even without an internet connection.
  • High-Quality Sound: Spotify Premium offers the option to listen to music in higher audio quality (320kbps) compared to the lower sound quality (around 160kbps) of free accounts.
  • Play and Pause Any Track: Users can choose any song from their playlist and play or pause from any point they desire.
  • Device Freedom: Spotify Premium allows users