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Welcome to Productkeypc! We are the official distribution partner for genuine software keys, committed to providing you with special offers at extremely attractive prices. With our licensed software keys, you have the opportunity to own a genuine Windows license at a significantly lower cost than purchasing directly from the manufacturer. In particular, using a genuine Windows Server 2022 RDS Remote Desktop Services activation key will unlock the full features of your computer, enhance security, and activate the license permanently on your machine. Even during reinstallations or updates, your license will automatically be reactivated, providing maximum convenience when updating new patches from Microsoft.


1. Begin by acquiring a Windows Server 2022 RDS Remote Desktop Services License Key through our website Productkeypc

2. Upon completing your payment, you will promptly receive a digital License Key/Serial along with a download link. (You will instantly receive about 3 - 20 minutes via your email)

3. Refer to the instructions provided on the Microsoft website to proceed with the download and installation of Windows Server 2022 RDS.

4. Upon installation, input the unique activation code obtained from our purchase.

5. The License Key will automatically authenticate with Microsoft, finalizing the activation process. Congratulations! You now possess a legitimate copy of Office 2021.

For those who have previously configured it, simply input the key to activate it successfully.


Product Description:
Windows Server 2022 RDS (Remote Desktop Services) is a groundbreaking solution in the field of virtualization and remote computer management, designed to provide users with an incredibly flexible and powerful experience. With numerous advanced features, this product promises convenience and efficiency for your business.


1. Optimal Performance:
Windows Server 2022 RDS is optimized to deliver maximum performance for applications and remote computing. With advanced technology, this operating system helps optimize system resources and enhance processing capabilities, ensuring users experience stability and smooth operation.


2. Flexible Management:
The product supports remote management through a web interface and powerful management tools. Administrators can control and adjust the remote working environment flexibly, optimizing resources and enhancing the system's adaptability.


3. Maximum Security:
With top-notch security features, Windows Server 2022 RDS ensures the safety of your data and applications. Access control and data encryption features help protect crucial information from security risks.


4. Flexibility and Scalability:
The product supports a flexible deployment model, allowing businesses to easily scale according to their needs. Automatic scaling features ensure that the system always meets user demands without compromising performance.


5. Diverse User Experience:
With the ability to support various devices and different operating systems, Windows Server 2022 RDS provides a diverse user experience seamlessly integrated into any working environment.


Windows Server 2022 RDS Remote Desktop Services is the perfect choice to optimize remote work and ensure flexibility and efficiency in managing your enterprise's information systems. Place your trust in this product and experience the power of modern virtualization.


CALs for RDS Remote Desktop Services: User CAL vs. Device CAL – Which is Preferable?

In the scenario where you wish to establish connections from employees using multiple devices, opting for User CAL is the optimal choice. This allows each employee to connect through a single account, providing flexibility when using various devices. If the preference is for employees to connect only through specific devices, then Device CAL is a more suitable choice. Both types of CALs offer the benefits outlined in the paragraph above.

We offer 2 options: Windows Server 2022 RDS 50 Device Connections and Windows Server 2022 RDS 50 User Connections. Depending on your needs, you can choose the version that best suits your requirements.

Windows Server 2022 RDS Cal Remote Desktop Services - Instant Delivery

$150.00 Regular Price
$34.95Sale Price